JC's Girls is a women's ministry that reaches out to women who currently are, or have been in the Adult Entertainment Industry. Heather Veitch (a former stripper) started JC's Girls in 2005 and was running the ministry out of Las Vegas. Heather officially resigned from JC's Girls to spend more time with her family in July 2011, and handed the ministry over to Sheri Brown and Theresa Scher, who had been running the San Diego Chapter together since August 2006.

Theresa Scher stepped down from JC's Girls in June 2012 to enjoy more time with her new family and Sheri Brown did as well, in April 2014. Laura Lee Bonde is the new official leader of the JC's Girls ministry. There is currently only one Chapter of JC's Girls which is located in San Diego, Ca. It is our heart's desire to reach out to every woman working in the Adult Entertainment Industry in our city. Our mission is to share God's love with these beautiful women, in the hopes that these women discover and strengthen their personal relationship with God.

Through their own personal experiences directly and indirectly, we understand the intimate details of the industry, and how it effects the lives of women. We see these women for who they TRULY are-Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Beautiful Children of God! Our mission is to empower these women through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so they can live life to their full potential.

The Rock Church exists to save, equip, and send out soul-winners
for Jesus Christ.

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